March 28 Crisis Reality Training

No School March 28 for district wide Crisis Reality Training
Posted on 02/07/2019
Jesus VillahermosaSouth Kitsap School District has been granted a waiver day on Thursday, March 28 for emergency preparedness and Crisis Reality Training. The day was originally planned as a half day due to spring school conferences, but the Office of the Superintendent Public Instruction granted the full day waiver request. There will be no school held on Thursday, March 28.

Crisis Reality Training (CRT) will be implemented throughout South Kitsap School District following this final session of training. CRT presentations led by Jesus Villahermosa, retired Pierce County Sheriff’s Office SWAT member, teach the latest strategies to use if an active shooter were to come to a school. In his training, he teaches, L.E.A.S.T., Lockdown, Evacuation and Survival Tactics which is a model of survival tactics taken from hundreds of shootings across the country and the world. L.E.A.S.T. is an empirically based training that teaches educators and students the eight proven tactics that will increase their chances for survival should an active shooter event occur. The tactics presented will be Lockdown, Duck Cover Assess and Move, Running, Evacuation, the Power of your Voice, Hiding, Crawling and Fighting.

“Safety of our students and staff is our highest priority,” stated Superintendent Karst Brandsma. “We all have a duty to keep our schools safe and training of staff, students, and parents is an integral part of that process. This day is a follow up to the Crisis Reality Training, student assemblies, and parent presentation conducted last fall in South Kitsap.”

Attendance was low at the parent meeting held on October 15, 2018 . South Kitsap parents are invited and encouraged to attend the second parent presentation on March 28. The presentation will be at 6:00 pm at the South Kitsap High School Theatre. Additional staff trainings will also be held earlier that day. 

More information about Jesus Villahermosa and Crisis Reality Training is listed below.

About Crisis Reality Training -

Crisis Reality Training's mission is to empower individuals with realistic training for heightened safety and awareness in dangerous situations and the capacity to use this knowledge in crisis situations to save their lives or those of others.

The recent rash of school and workplace shootings and acts of violence against students is a harsh reminder that higher education must stay vigilant in continuing to review and improve their crisis response plans. Many in the field of higher education believe that any large institution is not capable of lockdown due to the size of the campuses involved, which we now know is not true. 

About Jesus Villahermosa

Jesus will present his training on lockdown development and implementation in such a way that attendees will believe that any facility, regardless of size, can be locked down as long as all departments, faculty, staff and students work together to make their plan work. Jesus will also discuss the recent shooting events that have taken place nationally and present response patterns that lead to victim survival and response patterns that lead to serious injuries and/or death. 

This reality training will empower the true first responders (those who are immediately exposed to the lethal threat) to select one of the many survival options that will dramatically increase your chances for survival in an Active Killer event.

Jesus M. Villahermosa, Jr. was a deputy sheriff with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department since 1981 until he retired in 2014 after 33 years of dedicated service. He ended his career as a Sergeant on Patrol in the Peninsula Detachment in Gig Harbor Washington. Jesus previously served as the Supervisor of the Court Security Division of the Pierce County Courthouse for four years where he coordinated and supervised the security for high profile criminal and civil cases. 

Jesus was on the Pierce County Sheriff's S.W.A.T. Team from 1983 to 2013 where he served as the point man on the entry team until 2013 when he left the Team. His numerous certifications include being the first certified Master Defensive Tactics Instructor for law enforcement personnel in the state of Washington and serving as a Firearm's Instructor and an Active Shooter Instructor. Jesus has extensive anti-terrorism training and as a S.W.A.T. Team member he has responded to numerous life and death situations including Active Killers. Jesus also served as the Director of Campus Safety at Pacific Lutheran University in a contract partnership where he worked all security aspects related to staff and student safety at the University. 

Jesus' experience as a law enforcement officer has fueled his passion for people and their emotional, mental, and physical safety. He has spoken professionally since 1986, presented on safety-related issues and has trained over 700,000 professionals throughout the United States and Canada, including hundreds of colleges, universities, school districts and some of the largest corporations in America. Jesus' knowledge of the various professions he has worked with and the many challenges its students, parents, staff and employees face, along with his humor, real-life stories from the streets, and the practical application of the taught techniques guarantee for a memorable presentation that transforms participants and offers real-life resources for crisis or vulnerable situations. 

Jesus has also spoken to tens of thousands of students all over the country in motivational assemblies regarding themes of choices, consequences, respect and active killer survival.

In addition to co-producing segments of The Sheriff's Report on Comcast Cable, Jesus has been a guest or interviewed for a variety of radio and T.V. talk shows including CBC radio in Canada, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, CNN, Headline News and numerous local media T.V. and radio talk shows. He has been quoted in numerous national publications including The New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Student Transportation News and School Bus Fleet. 

His thought provoking ideas are given with a humorous note and will surely inspire those in attendance in believing that they can help to make our schools and workplaces a safer place to learn, teach, and work!
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